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Our Story​


Girls Menarche Initiative started in 2018 when Nakimuli Sharitah, the founder, witnessed a girl who had her very first period in a matatu (public transportation).


Her white dress was stained when she stood up to allow the other passengers to leave. Instead of people helping her, she was called names, she was shamed and men were laughing.


The guilt, shame and confusion she felt reminded Nakimuli of herself when she had her first period. This inspired her to actively start taking actions to tackle period stigma, especially during the menarche. Ever since this intitiative started, they have never looked back!


Nakimuli Sharitah

Founder & CEO

I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance from Makerere University of Business. I love helping ambitious girls and women develop their confidence, voice and the support they need to take up space and achieve their biggest dreams. I also love seeing women breaking toxic gender stereotypes. In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, swimming, and making jewelry.


Nabachwa Chantal

Monitoring and Evaluations Officer

I graduated from Makerere University's Business School with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance. I love helping girls because we face the highest risks during our adolescent ages. Working for Girls' Menarche Initiative is a great way for me to give support to many girls, which is my long-term dream. I lead with love because love conquers the toughest of hearts and situations.


Giriwa Reagan

Public Relations Officer

I want more men and boys to get involved in supporting girls during their menstruation. Let’s be the shoulder they can lean on and de-stigmatize the shame around periods. Besides menstrual related issues, I enjoy spending time on computers, editing footage, animating pictures, reading and writing stories and poems, singing and listening to music, video gaming, watching football and talking to friends.


Okello Emannuel


I love helping people in need, especially the vulnerable and girls who in most cases suffer during their menstruation from shame and discrimination while at school.


Mukungu Enock Jonathan

Programs Director

I am currently a nursing student at Mildmay Uganda, a non-governmental healthcare organization. I am very interested in empowering and inspiring girls and women through tackling period stigma and poverty. My overarching goal is for the next generation of girls to build confidence and above all to menstruate with a sense of pride.


Shakira Nana Kalisa

Hi there, my name is Shakira. I’m 22 and majoring in Public Relations at Ndejje University. It is my great pleasure to be part of this initiative because I believe that women, girls and other vulnerable groups of people deserve fundamental human rights and period is an idea worth spreading. I am a hard worker who believes in sincerity, honesty, and trying my best in whatever I do. I am a strong believer in peace and happiness and want to see this world completely immersed in them.

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